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Dr. Riley uses her skills, training and experiences as a counselor, social worker, educator, administrator and consultant  to ensure the most comprehensive solutions. She is solely focused on building a positive, productive relationships with clients, families, agencies and academic settings. She uses evidenced based practices and assessments that lead to the most appropriate path to meeting needs and goals. Dr. Riley's services always include collaboration with schools, teachers, and healthcare professionals. She also works with local and regional medical professionals to ensure clients are receiving the best, collaborative approach to treatment.

Video teleconferencing is also available. Please contact Dr. Riley for more information.

Therapy Services
  • Individual Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Child Counseling

  • Play Therapy

  • Coping & Adjustments

  • Group Therapy


  • Mindfulness in Schools

  • Tricks and Tips for Classroom Management

  • Avoiding Burnout through Wellness

  • Using Creative Arts in Therapy 

  • Mindfulness and ADHD

  • What is ADHD? 

  • Mental Health Prevention & Awareness 

Educational Services
  • Assessment & Diagnoses


  • Learning Difficulties

  • School Visits- IEP Meeting

Family Services

  • Mediation for parents

  • Sibling Mediation for Elderly Parents

  • Parenting Skills Training

  • Communication Strategies

School Observations
  • Direct observation in the school setting

  • Collaborate with teachers on tasks

  • Develop techniques to communicate

  • Assist with program modification

  • Provide resources for school staff

Please contact Dr. Riley via telephone (845.595.4775) or email ( to learn more.

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