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Meet Dr. Riley

Dr. Julie Riley, The ADHD Center of the Hudson Valley

Dr. Riley has over 20 years of teaching and university administrator experience specializing in the Human Services field of study. Prior to working in higher education, she was a tenured teacher in the Newburgh Englarged City School District in New York State. 
Dr. Riley has extensive knowledge and training in developmental theory as well as experience in providing therapy, counseling, supervision to clinicians, and consultation to academic and educational institutions. 

Dr. Riley has presented locally and at national professional conferences. She provides in service training to educators and counselors including: Avoiding Burnout through an Understanding of Wellness, Mindfulness Training for Educators, What is ADHD?, Tips and Tricks for Teachers, Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy in Schools, How to use Mindfulness Productively in Classroom Settings, and more.  

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